Simply A n g e l a ;

Then I think

"How could I possibly ruin things?" It seems like there’s so much at stake. If this isn’t the way things are supposed to be, then why have they come to this? I just can’t wrap my mind around destiny or fate not playing a part. Is this all meant to be? If not, what am I suppose to do? 

And nothing else
can take what only —
was always meant 
as solely yours.

Words to live by, for now.

Be sure to taste your words before you spit them out. Cite Arrow

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What to do, what to do.

Some Time Out

The time may not

be prime for us,

though you are

a special person.

We may be just

two different clocks,

that do not tock,

in unison

Golden Cage

A bird who hurt her wing,

now forgotten how to fly.

A song she used to sing,

but can’t remember why.

A breath she caught and kept—

that left her in a sigh.

It hurts her so to love you,

but she won’t say good-bye.

Sea of Strangers

In a sea of strangers,

you’ve longed to know me.

Your life spent sailing

to my shores.

The arms that yearn

to someday hold me,

will ache beneath

the heavy oars.

Please take your time

and take it slowly;

as all you do

will run its course.

And nothing else

can take what only—

was always meant

as solely yours.

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